About Us – GoHikeGo

GoHikeGo was founded in 2010 as a resource for other like minded individuals who like to get, get out, and go hike. The early versions focused on long distance backpacking trails and mirrored our staff’s recent experiences. Now, GoHikeGo has matured (as if) and is an all encompassing destination for hiking and backpacking enthusiasts. No trail too remote or trek too far is our credo because we belong in the backcountry and went feral long ago. Are we perfect? No, but our trail family loves us just the way we are.

It is not that we intentionally shun civilized society but the dirty hiker in us craves backcountry miles with dehydrated meals cooked over a backpacking stove. Sharing these experiences with new and old backpacking friends allows others to join in your adventure, and hopefully start one of their own. In fact, if you see us enduring our normal lives you might not expect that underneath it all beats a soul longing for the freedom we have been lucky enough to experience through backpacking and hiking. We want everyone to realize the trail family is huge, but always has room for one more. GoHikeGo truly believes that putting your feet on the ground in a linear pattern, no matter the direction, is the best way to unleash your feral inner child. Trust us everybody has an inner child longing to be free and feral. Name yours then get up, get out, and gohikego.

We believe backpacking and hiking is for everyone regardless of ability, race or sexual orientation. Hikes do not have to be a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail because that is not for everyone. A hike is your own and can literally be anywhere you choose. Perhaps, a hike to your local farmer’s market is your jam and we totally get that because it is yours and yours alone. However, we would like to share your experience and offer a digital space for others to enjoy your backpacking journey as well.

Furthermore, the best way to protect the outdoor places we love is to spread the love and strive to be the best backpacking and hiking website on the planet providing helpful tips and a safe place for any ability level to ask questions and seek information. Don’t tell anyone, but the first time @dirtyhiker went camping someone had to help him set up his tent so definitely no judgement and no question is too basic.

We hope you enjoy our hiking and backpacking trail reviews, gear reviews, or other website content. If you have any questions please reach out to jeremy@gohikego.com.

Get Up, Get Out, and GoHikeGo.