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Get any group of hikers and backpackers together and the conversation will undoubtedly turn to gear. As a group, we are obsessed with weight, fabric, stitching, arch support, and the list goes on and on.

GoHikeGo is no different, and the amount of outdoor gear stored in the garage just sprinted by legendary hoarder status. The good news is that through the process of accumulation we have gained a deep knowledge of what makes quality backpacking gear. Before you ask, you cannot throw away my Outdoor Research gators I found in the Big Bear Hostel hiker box, and this is just one of the many treasures found in the heap.

What Makes Our Outdoor Gear Reviews Special?

The outdoor gear reviews on GoHikeGo focus on our personal experience of using the gear. What about this piece of equipment made it special? Was it the fabric, weight, or fact that it fit perfectly into a space deep in our pack. We will leave it to other review sites for the technical specifics because they have this covered.

Whether it is hiking, backpacking or other outdoor activities our gear reviews are presented with a story about using it by real people on real adventures. So, take some time, read and think about your favorite hiking gear.

Submit an Outdoor Gear Review to GoHikeGo

If you would like to submit an epithet to a special piece of equipment email us, and we just might help you immortalize your hiking or backing gear for service above and beyond the call. be sure to not only provide images of your gear in action, but also the story behind this request for elevated status will increase your chances.

For the special gear, there is enshrinement into GoHikeGo’s Gear Hall of Fame.