Hiking and Backpacking Pictures

The GoHikeGo team is constantly searching for new destinations and experiences to share through images and videos. Hiking pictures and videos are a great source of ideas and inspiration for a day trip or multi day backpacking adventure.

In today’s hectic world, we all succumb to our daily ruts every now and again and need a nudge to load the backpack or lace up the hiking boots. Remember what it was like to run in the woods? It is still the same and we may need it today more than ever.

Hopefully, the rotating images on this page provide inspiration to Get Up, Get Out and Go Hike. At the very least, it is something to stare at as you grind through Wednesday’s TPR reports. Enjoy the break, and then back to those reports. Nah, just kidding stay and browse the site and think about sticking it to stupid Doug in Logistics with his houseboat. Bam, you got wilderness adventure and that is way more interesting than floating.

If you would like all the fame and rewards entitled to someone who’s hiking pictures are posted on GoHikeGo email them to us in .jpg format and no smaller than 500 X 500 pixels. Additionally, there are no rewards associated with having your hiking pictures posted on GoHikeGo. However, you can send your friends to the site to view the pictures or possibly add it as an accomplishment on your Match profile. Who knows what will tip the scales of internet dating fate in your favor, but this is probably not it.

Email us your pictures and article submissions to have your latest adventure posted on our website. Let your friends know you refused to go gently into that good night and at least for a moment dared to be wild. Plus, suck it Doug.

If this is not your gig, pictures of you being the world’s best parent could not hurt your rep around town, just sayin.

Regardless, send us your hiking and backpacking videos and we will will post them on our website. How you use this new found fame is entirely up to you.

Send pictures of your group, family, or solo trips in the United States or internationally. They need not be extreme just you, or people you know, having fun while enjoying the outdoors. Lastly, pictures of hiking, or backpacking, combined with conservation get an extra star from GoHikeGo.

All images displayed on this page are the property of GoHikeGo and protected by copyright. If you would like to purchase any of these hiking or backpacking pictures contact sales.