Hiking and Backpacking Trail Reviews

Hiking and Backpacking Trail Reviews

Hiking and backpacking trail reviews are the ying to our feet’s yang. A brief respite if you will from what can be the drudgery of a daily routine. GoHikeGo is continually searching for new and wild places to explore. Once we find it we want to share the story. By using the information on GoHikeGo to access these hiking trails you are also promising to practice Leave No Trace principles. Please do not use our information then go out and mess up mother nature. It is bad manners, poor stewardship, and when karma pays you back we do not want to be associated. It is hard enough keeping our chi in check without worrying about yours.

Seriously, if you do not know what Leave No Trace is, please catch up. Your planet depends on it.

Our trail reviews provide a boots on the ground approach written from the perspective of the hiker. These reviews may not have all the information you seek, but will provide a unique viewpoint and contain valuable information. In addition, there are links to resources on that specific trails in the trail reviews.

You can use this information to plan a group or solo hike, or use the info on Sunset Rocks Trail to coincide with the full moon you would know it is an awesome spot that frames the moon perfectly.

You are in charge of deciding if the trail is above your comfort level. GoHikeGo attempts to ensure the accuracy of this information, but if something slips through email us and remember your safety is your concern.

However, do not fret young Jedi packer we include hiking trail reviews for all levels of experience and fitness. GoHikeGo believes that one of the best ways to preserve our natural areas is to get more people into the wild.

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If you would like to add to an existing review or submit a new trail. Email us and we would be glad to add your story.

So settle down, get the browser hide button ready and get lost in a local trail or bucket list destination. Then, Get Up, Get Out and GoHikeGo!